On 1 March 2019, Lieutenant Commander Worawit Techasupakur, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Sports, and Mr. Anan Wongbenjarat, Director-General of the Department of Tourism, organized the 7th Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2019 (TIFDF 2019) Press Conference, under the Beyond Destination Thailand Concept, to advocate for Thailand to become the number one international film-making destination via interesting activities, namely, the short-film making competition that were filmed in Thailand, as well as the screening of famous movies that had Thailand as the main filming location, which had been successful in promoting Thailand to the world.  The event was held at the Devaraja Sabharamaya Throne Hall, Phaya Thai Palace, Ratchawithi Road, Bangkok.

Lieutenant Commander Worawit Techasupakur stated that the 7th Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2019 (TIFDF 2019) Press Conference was held consecutively for a long time since 2013 as one of the vital strategies to advocate for Thailand to become the number one film-making destination in the international film production entities.  This event has a crucial role in creating and developing a network of international, young film-making personnel, while directly and indirectly promoting Thailand through international participants and viewers of the short-films from this competition.  In addition, there were screenings of international movies that were filmed in Thailand, to give pride to all Thai people as hosts, including the projection of the importance of promoting the entry of international filmmakers in Thailand, to generate direct income to the country while providing a communication channel to promote Thailand to the world, which will be beneficial in the future as well.

"TIFDF is considered as one of the important strategies for promoting the readiness of Thailand to be a leader in the location for international movies through new generation of filmmakers, both foreigners and Thais, that demonstrates the richness of beautiful places, various traditions, unique culture, and the potential of the Thai crew members, as well as the tools, technology, and equipment that can meet the needs of filming of productions from around the world.  In addition, the international film making industry in Thailand Is linked to the tourism industry because it is not only creating a huge income to the country, but also an effective way to disseminate pictures of the beautiful sights of Thailand to the global community. Like the success of the tourism industry in Thailand that occurred after the screening of many famous movies.  For example, the Beach, Lost in Thailand, James Bond 007, Hang Over, etc."
At present, all filmmakers who have been filmed in Thailand are long films. TV shows, music videos and documentaries.  The documentary filmed about the attractions, culture and traditions of Thailand received attention and made a lot of continuous filming.  This is a promotion of Thai tourism that is passed on to people around the world.  In 2018, there were 714 filmmakers filming in Thailand, although there were fewer than 2017, with the number of films filming 810, but generating more revenue.  2018 generated revenue of THB 3,140 million, partly due to the announcement of measures to promote foreign film filming in Thailand (Incentive Measures) and refunds to film-makers of movies.  These included 3 movies from the Republic of India called Jungle, Race 3, and the Forgotten Army.  Two movies from the United States, namely Changeland and Tripple Threat, and a movie called Attrition from Hong Kong.  These 6 films spent over THB 400 million in Thailand due to the refunds to all 6 film-makers with a process that is not complicated and does not take a long time.  This is to create confidence for major filmmakers from around the world to film in Thailand.  Currently, there are 4 movies that have received benefits according to the said measures, during which 2 movies already finished filming, while 2 movies are in the process of filming.  It is evident that each movie that has been filmed and received the benefits of the 4 movies has a production cost of THB 200 - 450 million per story.  Such measures are accepted in the global film industry as an important element that will motivate and appeal to film makers to decide whether to shoot in any country.  There are still no less than 2 - 3 movies that are in the process of filing a film filing application in Thailand, each of which has an investment of more than THB 200 million, during which Thailand has greatly benefited from spending the budget of these filmmakers.

Mr. Anan Wongbenjarat, Director-General of the Department of Tourism, explained  details of the 2019 TIFDF Project, "This year, the TIFDF 2019 project was held under the concept of" Beyond Destination Thailand, " highlighting the dominance of Thailand that is superior to being the destination of movie producers around the world because of its superiority with its beautiful locations and There is a wide variety, both the complete nature and the precious culture and traditions that come with the potential of the team and the fullness of the technology that meets the needs of filmmakers that are beyond expectations, which makes Thailand being known as the top-rated location in the region where international filmmakers recognize and merge this concept with the government's Tourism Promotion Policy that focuses on public relations toward 55 secondary cities, to expand opportunities for these provinces to disseminate outstanding attractions, arts, culture, and local identity to the world through short films by the contestants of the Thailand International Film Destination Festival 2019, which have been organized from today until 2 April 2019.  This year, the main activities are 1) Short film shooting competition in Thailand under the concept of "Beyond Destination Thailand" that comes with special conditions for using 55 secondary cities as filming locations.  The competition will take place on 26 - 31 March 2019 by dividing the competition into 2 categories: