On 3 March 2019, Mr. Weerasak Kowsurat, Minister of Tourism and Sports, together with Lieutenant Commander Worawit Techasupakur, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Sports, conducted a field trip to Chatuchak Weekend market to explore the routes for Tourism for All, during which time Mr. Krisana Lalai and the Architectural Civilization Diplomats on Wheels also in attendance.

The Minister stated that at the present, the market is a space for housewives to use as a daily shopping, and is also an area for people to visit. Buy items and stroll around the market.  Therefore, requesting cooperation from market owners to help develop markets for cleanliness and secure parking spaces.  In the market, there is a spacious and standardized area with bathrooms, ramps, disabled parking and clear signs to facilitate the disabled and the elderly in the case of using a wheelchair, including a family trip with small children and people in wheelchair, to allow customers to feel comfortable, to live freely, and to make everyone who walks in this market have a good impression