On 15th December 2021,  Mr. Phiphat Ratchakitprakarn, Minister of Tourism and Sports, presided over a press release for the platform Ease of Traveling responding to the policy to open the country and welcome tourists. The platform is available on the website Entry Thailand  aiming to facilitate and integrate all operations for foreign travellers coming into Thailand after the pandemic situation is relieved.
          Minister Phiphat stated that during the COVID-19 pandemic, Thailand has exercised different measures to ensure public health safety. The currently developing Entry Thailand website, by the Ministry of Tourism and Sports is the centralised platform of information for entering into Thailand and also connects necessary information and applications for travellers who travel in Thailand. Such necessary and important information and applications will be useful in all traveling phases; before entering into the country, while traveling in the country and before departing the country, for example, the Thailand Pass system, the Mor Cha Na system, the system for purchasing COVID insurance, the system for exploring traveling information and attractions, the system of volunteers for tourism in Thailand, the online visa system, the tax refund system for travellers, etc. Therefore, this is a significant integration among public agencies to develop a holistic system in management which will facilitate travellers from before entering the country until departure. If the holistic system of facilitation that serves the needs of travellers is in place, it can be assured that travellers will be satisfied.
          Mr. Chote Trachu, Permanent Secretary of Ministry Of Tourism and Sports, stated that the implementation was according to the cabinet resolution dated 3th August 2021 directed government agencies to develop an e-Service system to facilitate services provided to the general public. In this regard, Ease of Traveling is one of the twelve services that is a result of such direction to governmental agencies within the fiscal year of 2022 (B.E. 2565). The Office of the Permanent Secretary for Tourism and Sports has received kind cooperation from organisations whose functions are to provide services in the procedure affiliated with those who will be entering into the country namely the Department of Disease Control, the Ministry of Digital Economy, and Society, the Immigration Bureau, the Tourism Authority of Thailand, the Airports of Thailand Public Company, the Tourist Police Bureau, and the Revenue Department. These organisations have integrated their cooperation to develop a facilitation system for travellers by providing e-Service on the website Entry Thailand of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports which will help facilitate and reduce complications for travellers. The service can be used as a tool to search for all information relating to entering and departing Thailand. This marks an improvement of effective public operations that helps alleviate the process of public services as well.