Section 8, TAT has the following objectives;

  1. Promote tourism and tourism industry as well as occupation of Thais in tourism industry
  2. Publicize Thailand in terms of natural beauty, historical site, archeological finds, history, art and culture, sports, and technological evolution, as well as other activities that attract tourist.
  3. Facility and provide safety to tourists.
  4. Promote good understanding and friendliness between people, and between countries by using tourism, and
  5. Initiate tourism development, and to develop basic elements and facilities for tourists.

Section 9, TAT shall have the authority to perform actions within the scope of the objective according to section 8, and such authority shall include;

  1. Give advice, recommendation, cooperation, and coordination with government services, organization, institution, juristic person, and private sector, both inside and outside the kingdom.
  2. Promote, cooperate, or perform action in training and provide education in various subjects to create standard personnel sufficient for tourism industry.
  3. Promote field trip.
  4. Survey and collect evidences from government service, organization, institution, juristic person, and private sector in tourism industry for the purpose of preparing statistics relating to tourism industry.
  5. Survey and determine area and location for tourist attraction and resources for tourism that must be preserved for the state, and shall be under supervision of TAT by preparing Royal Decree.
  6. Survey, plan and execute, construct, promote, conserve, restore, or develop tourist attraction as well as tourism resource and environment quality under the force of the law that governs such matter.
  7. Operate tourism industry as necessary, as well as investment and joint venture to be an initiative for tourism development or the development of basic elements and facilities for tourists.
  8. Acquire a loan locally and outside the kingdom.
  9. Lend out money by having a person or asset as a guarantee to promote tourism industry.
  10. Issue bond or other instruments for investment or joint venture in tourism industry.
  11. Have ownership, or the right to possess, or propriety rights, build, purchase, provide, sell, rent, lease out, hire purchase from, hire purchase to, borrow, lend out, accepting pledge, accepting mortgage, exchange, transfer, accepting transfer, or any other action relating to asset both local and outside the kingdom, as well as accepting asset from devotee, and ,
  12. Perform other businesses relating to or to achieve TAT