Office of Sports and Recreation Development has a task relating to sports and recreation development to promote good health of people, which shall have the following authorities;

  1. Study, analyze, and research problems, and operation guideline in terms of sports and recreation in line with policy and strategic plan of the ministry.
  2. Prepare operation plan for sports and recreation in the part that is under its responsibility in line with policy and development plan for sports and recreation of the country.
  3. Prepare development plan for infrastructure quality and sports standard in education system, and of the people, and develop quality of infrastructure and recreation.
  4. Prepare development plan for sports science quality and standard.
  5. Perform action and coordinate in relation to supporting sports activities and recreation of organization and agencies of both state and private sectors.
  6. Perform action relating to education management and developing sports and recreation personnel.
  7. Monitor and evaluate performance in terms of sports and recreation development, and ,
  8. Perform other actions that the law prescribes to be the authorities of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, or as assigned by the ministry or the cabinet.