Office of Tourism Development has a task relating to tourism in developing tourism service and tourist attraction standard, as well as supporting guide and tour guide business operation to maintain its standard for the interest of economy, society, and culture, and to create sustainable tourism, which shall have the following authorities;

  1. Study, analyze, research, and gather statistical data in terms of tourism, and guideline for tourism development in line with tourism policy and development plan of the country.
  2. Prepare tourism service development plan, as well as coordinate, promote, and support implementation of the determined plan.
  3. Prepare a development plan for guide and tour guide business registration, as well as support implementation of the determined plan.
  4. Comply with the law on guide and tour guide business, and other relevant law.
  5. Monitor and evaluate performance in terms of tourism development.
  6. Promote and support movie business in the production, service, and relevant businesses, and ,
  7. Perform other actions that the law prescribes to be the authorities of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, or as assigned by the ministry or the cabinet.