Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Tourism and Sports has a task relating to being an administrative center of the ministry in developing strategy, change police of the ministry into operation plan for resource allocation, and administer general regular government officers of the ministry to achieve the goal and mission of the ministry, which shall have the following authorities;

  1. Prepare and develop strategic plan which is a master plan of the ministry in developing tourism, sports, and recreation, and in accordance with the policies of the ministry, the government, and the cabinet, coordinate operation plan and recommend policy for annual budget setting and allocation, as well as monitor and evaluate performance of agencies under the ministry.
  2. Change policy into a guideline and operation plan for government officers at ministerial level.
  3. Allocate and manage resource of the ministry.
  4. Perform action relating to public relations and disseminating activities, as well as performance of the ministry.
  5. Perform action relating to developing information technology, and being the center of information to support the administration of the ministry, and provide research service to state agency and people.
  6. Perform action relating to assisting work and cooperation with foreign countries in terms of tourism, sports, and recreation.
  7. Perform action relating to laws and regulations in terms of responsibilities of the ministry, and other relevant laws, and 8. Perform other actions that the law prescribes to be the authorities of the Office of the Permanent Secretary, or as assigned by the ministry or the cabinet.